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About Click4gap

Click4Gap is a reputable UK car insurer. It was established in 2004. Since then, their team of underwriters, consultants, administrators, and IT crew has worked impeccably and in coordination to give excellent customer service.Their covers are comprehensive and affordable, plus exhibit complete reliability during claim. Click4Gap is directly regulated and authorized by Financial Conduct Authority.

Quick Car Insurance

Want a quote? Seeking reviews? Wish to compare quotes?

This online insurance platform helps you do all. It offers instant information and a quote within 15 seconds.You can also talk to their customer service and ask about quotes.

Features of Click4Gap Insurance

  • It covers all named drivers. 
  • It covers your car in case it is stolen with keys.
  • You can be a named driver on the policy, even a learner driver with a provisional driver’s license and yet your claim won’t be rejected.
  • The insurer handles claims in the UK. You must contact the Claims Department about your car loss or accident within 30 days of the incident to get your claims as fast as possible.
  • The insurance covers learner drivers.

Why You Must Have GAP Insurance?

Do you know that about 620,000 vehicles in the UK turn out to be a total loss every year?

If you have GAP Insurance, you can save thousands of pounds.

Click4Gap renders a policy that suits all drivers. You could be a car owner. Your car could be under finance or lease or contract hired. Your car could be brand new or old. The insurer has a policy for everybody.

Do you know that your car depreciates by around 20% the moment you drive it off the showroom? It continues to depreciate year after year.

Although it is not mandatory as per the law to take Gap Insurance, it is quite a smart choice. Just get your Click4Gap discount code from Don’tPayAll.

There is a difference in the policies you must take in case you purchased the car:

  • In cash
  • On finance
  • On personal loan
  • Under leasing agreement or contract hire

The expert team of Click4Gap can guide you in the right choice of policy cover. In case you have a doubt or question, you can contact their customer care.

What is GAP?

GAP is Guaranteed Assets Protection or Guaranteed Auto Protection. In case your car meets with an accident or is stolen, the insurer will reimburse the amount that is equal to the current value of your car at the time of the incident.GAP also covers your car’s depreciation from the time you bought it to the time of its loss.

Types of Insurance

You can get three types of insurance here:

  1. RTI –Return to Invoice. This applies for cars less than 7 years old and if you have purchased it 3 months back.
  2. RTV – Return to Value. This applies when you have purchased the car for more than 3 months ago, but less than 7 years.
  3. VRI – Vehicle- Replacement Insurance. This pays the depreciation value, plus the difference between the price of a brand new car and the purchase value.

Click4Gap voucher code is available at Don’tPayAll for super savings on policy.