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About koshieo

Koshieo is an exclusive store for African luxury clothing and accessories for men and women. Find stylish pieces here at the most wonderful prices.

The designer of Koshieo is Nina, who has African roots, precisely Ghana, but has the essence for international markets.

For Women

Shop for blouses, dress shirts, scarves, Twillys scarves, and shawls.

For Men

Shop for shirts, short sleeves, ties, scarves, blazers, polos, and pocket squares.

About the Brand

Brand Koshieo blends ethnic inspired prints with contemporary designs. They are particular about the details of the garments. This shows in the end results. You get a well-cut, well-fit garment that enhances your personality and ushers in a new charm in your everyday wearing.

Koshieo’s logo is a silhouette of an African woman carrying a baby on her back and a huge load of goods on her head. It is a symbol for women empowerment, representing women who successfully balance family life and professional life.

Buying at Koshieo is truly an empowering experience because you celebrate who you are through the choice of clothes. Koshieo’s clothes are designed for strong women and men who wish to leave an impression wherever they go.

Koshieo coupons are available at our website Don’tPayAll. Empower your wallet too!