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Managing my account

How Can I Create My Account on Don’tPayAll?

You can create an account on Don’tPayAll through the following steps:

  1. Please click on the ‘Sign Up’ page.
  2. Provide all the information needed such as your valid email ID and password to register as a member.
  3. You can also sign in using your active Facebook or Twitter account.
  4. When you provide all the details and hit the ‘Register’ button, a confirmation email is sent to the email address provided.
  5. Verify the account by clicking on the confirm button. This will complete the registration process. You are now a registered member and can enjoy access to amazing benefits.


What are the Benefits of Creating an Account?

  1. We’re sure you don’t want to get into the hassle of finding those special stores again and again! You get to save your favorite stores when you create an account. If you leave our website without logging in to your account, the stores that you marked as ‘favorite’ will be lost.
  2. Not in a mood to shop but you just can’t let go off the great offer on your screen? The solution is quite easy. Just save it in your account to use it in the future! You get an option to save the coupons. Whenever you plan to shop, access the saved coupons easily in one place.
  3. Get a chance to customize the subscription settings.
  • You can choose whether you want daily updates or weekly updates.
  • You can update your preferred categories to get exciting deals & offers running on stores from those categories.
  • You can also select the alert type, whether you want to receive new coupons & deals from your favorite stores and categories or news and updates from Don’tPayAll.