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About MentalUp

MentalUp specializes in brain games for children of all ages. They have 100+ games, which are entertaining and scientific. You can easily play them on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.


MentalUp discount code is easily available online for great price benefit.


MentalUp brain games test the children’s intelligence and also improve their brain power. They help to discover their potential.


Just 20 minutes a day and your child gets a brain power boost.


  • The games are designed to improve children’s logic, attention, visual-spatial perception, problem-solving ability, conceptualization, planning skills, and memory.
  • The software automatically figures out games appropriate for the child as per her age.
  • MentalUp memory games are fully compatible on all platforms. Play them anywhere, anytime.
  • The games pose as brain workout.
  • The rich reporting modules track your child’s performance and mental development.


Find here a plethora of memory games, logic games, visual games, and concentration games that offer an all-round brain development.


Don’t forget to use MentalUp promo code when you choose a game for your child.


You can try the games for free.


MentalUp app is one of the most preferred education app. It has 5+ million users.


So, what are you waiting for?

Children grow fast. Make sure you give them a ‘brainy’ environment to grow so that they discover their potential early in life and come out intelligent, witty, and with full focus.


The latest MentalUp coupon is easily available at our website. It lets you get the games at the most wonderful price.