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About Moon Pod

Galaxy Relaxation LLC presents the newest version of the ordinary bean bag. It is called Moon Pod. This is zero gravity bean bag. Not your regular bean bag in which you sink in. Sit on this Pod and you don’t sink, but float!

Pair your Moon pod with Crescent. This is a crescent-moon shaped backrest with zero gravity. It is filled with innumerable beads of high density to help you have a relaxed experience sitting on the pod and leaning back against the backrest.

What is Moon Pod Made Of?

Moon Pod contains innumerable high-friction beads, encased in supportive shells. The shell gives the Pod its shape. It is also flexible enough to conform with your body when you sit.

What’s more? You can wash the Pod in the washing machine!

Engineered for Relaxation Therapy

Moon Pod is designed to imitate the sensations that you feel during Flotation Therapy, which is a therapy used to help those suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD.

According to the designers of Moon Pod, this ultra advanced bean bag not only supports your body while sitting and relaxing, but also calms your mind. So, it is a great stress buster. You can even meditate sitting on it!

Get $100 Off!

The company is offering $100 off on the Moon Pod, plus free shipping and hassle-free return if you don’t like it (What! But you are going to love it!).

You can also avail yourselves attractive Moon Pod discount, as our website Don’tPayAll offers the latest Moon Pod promo code. Just enter the code, save big, and you are on the moon!