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About Newtrition

Newtrition is dedicated to manufacturing and providing Omega 3 dietary supplements that are formulated to fit busy schedules. You need to take just one supplement daily. Choose your convenient time of popping the supplement.

The company also offers Omega 3 blood test kit to help you know the levels of Omega 3 in your body. You must retest once a year to know your levels. The kit is easy to use at home.

Newtrition has emerged as a world class facility for the production of Omega 3 dietary supplements. The foundation was laid in 1838 by Johan C Martens, a marine oil producer, in Norway.

Why Take Supplements from Newtrition?

  • The company’s Accelon self-emulsifying delivery system has undergone clinical trials and shows that it can give 3 times better absorption of DHA and EPA than regular fish oils.
  • Scientists have done research that shows that Omega 3 supports heart health.
  • Accelon enhances absorption of Omega 3. It is easily digested and the quick absorption leads to good levels of DHA and EPA in the form of free fatty acids.

You may want to consult your doctor before starting any kind of supplement; the company claims that their supplements are safe. Once you use the kit to know your Omega 3 levels, you can begin taking supplements accordingly.

If you wish to get CARDIO3 Omega-3 at an attractive price, you must use the latest Newtrition coupons, which are easily available at our website Don’tPayAll. Get an amazing Newtrition discount and begin 2020 with better health and energy.