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Tips & Tricks Of Plum Pretty Sugar - The Ways To Soft Clothing With Vinegar

Vinegar is popular in each home. You can use one of these below liquid and powder to mix with vinegar to make the clothing softer.

1. Water

Mix 3.8 litres of vinegar with water into a large bottle then stir well to ensure that both of these liquid can mix together. After that, fill this mixture into the washing machine before using liquid fabric softener.

Plum Pretty Sugar water

2. Baking soda

You should follow these steps: Fill a cup of 250 ml vinegar with 500 ml warm water and stir this mixture in a large basin. Baking soda will changes pH in the liquid fabric softener helping the clothing softer and fill into washing machine as the above way.

Plum Pretty Sugar baking soda

3. Conditioner

Mix 750 ml vinegar with 500 ml conditioner and 150 ml warm water. Once washing the clothing, you need to pour 60 - 125 ml this mixture into the washing machine before using liquid fabric softener.

Plum Pretty Sugar conditioner

These ways are expected to help your clothing softener. If you want to get more choice on clothing, you can refer with variety choices as Plum Pretty Sugar robes. Don't forget to take Plum Pretty Sugar coupon at our site.


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