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Submitting a Coupon

Have you found a coupon somewhere that can be helpful for others to save money, then you can submit it on our website. Not sure of how to submit a coupon on  Relax! It is very simple and can  be done in three ways:

Method 1

Visit the home page of and browse down to the bottom of the page. You find six boxes asking for various details related to coupon submission:

  • In Box 1, enter the correct store name or the domain name.
  • In Box 2, choose one of the options from the drop-down - Coupon Code, Free Shipping and Great Offer.
  • In Box 3, make sure you provide accurate information regarding the coupon and some details about percentage discount, date of expiry and events.
  • Box 4 is the space for the title of the coupon.
  • In Box 5, please enter the coupon code.
  • In Box 6, enter the expiry date of the coupon correctly.
  • Then confirm you are not a robot. You can now submit your coupon code by clicking the “Submit Coupon Code” button.

Method 2

Visit the store page for which you have the coupon. On the left side of the page, you will find ‘Submit a new coupon and help others save!’ section. Here, all the boxes are the same as the ones mentioned in Method 1. You are not required to fill the store name as it is already done for you on the store page.

Method 3

Whenever you navigate through pages like Top 20 Coupons, Daily Deals, All Categories, Events, Favorite Stores and Saved Coupons, you get an option to submit the coupon. On the bottom right of the page, a green plus (+) sign is available. Just click on it and a box will pop up where you can follow the same steps as mentioned in Method 1.